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U Visa Requirements - Important Facts You Must Know

If you are not eligible for a U visa, you can apply for an immigrant visa. An immigrant visa allows an undocumented person who has been victims of certain criminal acts to apply for temporary residency in the US.

In addition, an undocumented person who has held the U nonimmigrant work authorization for at least three years can be eligible to apply to get a green card. This type of immigration is referred to as F or I-visas. These types of visas are issued by the Department of State.

There is some important U Visa Requirements. The applicant must be 18 years old, can prove that he is employed, has financial means and has an intention to become a US citizen. He must have a permanent address in the United States and must also have a valid social security number and work permit.

An applicant must produce proof of his social security number, if the employer does not ask for it. The proof should include pay stubs, bank statements, utility bills, bank account statements and other government documents. These documents will show proof of financial capability. Know what is a T visa here!

When applying for an immigrant visa, you need to submit your proof of employment. An employer must provide verification about the applicant's employment, working conditions and salary before granting him a visa. Also, the applicant should provide proof of his permanent address in the US and his current or future intention of settling in the US. Know what you need to know about U visa applications here!

After you meet all the requirements for an immigrant visa, you can visit the nearest US consulate to apply the U Visa Requirements. You may also choose to hire an attorney. The lawyer can prepare your application and give you guidance on the procedure. Make sure to check out this website at for more details about VISA

If you cannot find an attorney, you can approach an immigration consultant. He will help you with the process and guide you on what documentation you should produce. It is important to mention all the necessary documents because it helps in the case of denial of your application.

The U Visa Requirements also stipulates the process on how to go about renewing the visa. It states that you should submit your renewal form by mail. The application form will require you to include the same documents you submitted when applying for the immigrant visa.

If the process is approved, then you can expect your application to be processed within two weeks. In most cases, the application is processed within one week. The process is completed in less than one week.

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